I've been working with WebRTC since 2012, less than a year later it started to surface discussions about developing it, being one of the pioneers of that technology here in Spain.

I got involved on that technology while developing ShareIt!, the first serverless P2P filesharing application fully written in JavaScript, and with whom I won the "Most Innovative Project" award in the spanish national VII Free Software Universitary Championship. To develop it, I needed to create DataChannel-polyfill, the first working implementation of WebRTC RTCDataChannel API four months before it was available in experimental versions of both Chrome and Firexfox browsers, using WebSockets instead of a SCTP connection as transport layer.

Thanks to that both projects, I was invited to do a keynote in the first Spain WebRTC summit, hosted at Madrid Polytechnic University in November 2012, and got a paragraph talking about my work at HTML5 for Masterminds book, written by John D. Gauchat. After that, I was invited to work at eFace2Face, and joined the Kurento team for two years.

In the next years, I've been working as WebRTC Expert for multiple projects, including the two start-ups where I've been also working as CTO, UnifyMe and lingbe. But since short before the Covid-19 pandemic, I started to be contracted by each times more companies to work as freelance WebRTC Expert, until December 2020 when I decided to work full-time ofering my services as WebRTC Architect, in addition to develop my own WebRTC and streaming projects.



  • ShareIt! (July 2012 - 2014)
    • Personal project
    • first serverless P2P filesharing application fully written in broser client-side JavaScript, based on Gnutella protocol and architecture
  • DataChannel-polyfill (August - September 2012)
  • RealTimeWeb summit (23th November 2012)
    • Invited as speaker in the first Spain WebRTC summit
  • eFace2Face (November 2012 - December 2013)
    • Design and development of web Operating System for WebRTC-based notary app


2013 to 2015

  • Kurento (July 2013 - June 2015)
    • Design and development of HTML5, Node.js and Javascript APIs for Kurento media server, based on GStreamer
    • Company adquired by Twilio in September 2016


  • Telepado (September 2015 - December 2015)
    • Telegram protocol based chat application

2016 to 2018

  • UnifyMe (September 2016 - November 2018)
    • CTO & co-founder
    • UCaaS - Unified Communications as a Service


  • TransFast (July 2018 - December 2018)
    • Personal project sponsored by Takeafile
    • High-performance transport-agnostic streams-oriented communications protocol
  • lingbe (December 2018 - August 2019)
    • CTO & WebRTC Expert
    • Videocalls-based language exchange mobile app




Started working as full-time WebRTC Architect, in addition to my own projects.

  • Councilbox (January 2021 - June 2021)
    • Mediasoup consultory and performance improvements of massive videocalls, receiving up to 30 videos at the same time in a browser in a regular laptop
  • Mafalda SFU (March 2021 - Present)
    • Personal project
    • Massively parallel vertical and horizontal scalable SFU build on top of Mediasoup
  • Dyte (June 2021 - Present)
    • Design and development of Mediasoup horizontal scaling, project quality consultory, and performance improvements for modular WebRTC platform
  • Tegus medical (July 2021 - Present)
    • WebRTC consultory and design of new WebRTC architecture for recording and streaming of hospitals operating rooms
  • Virbela (August 2021 - Present)
    • Mediasoup and performance improvements of FrameVR platform
  • Fermax (October 2021 - Present)
    • Mediasoup and WebRTC architecture consultory, and design of new WebRTC architecture for remote control of video intercoms