Open Source contributions

Most important contributions to third-parties Open Source projects


istanbul-js is a code coverage tool that's being used internally by Jest testing framework, developed by Facebook and the current de-facto standard for Node.js, React and Javascript projects. Its default text output format was too much limited when showing the number of code coverage missing lines, so I refactored it to reduce the number of decoration characters and auto-adjust to the width of the terminal by default, in addition of grouping ranges of consecutive missing lines to be able to show more of them.


As part of the development of NodeOS to provide it some basic graphic capabilities, I added support for configurable backends on node-canvas, with the intention of being able to draw directly on the Linux FbDev framebuffer device instead of just only in memory. Backends support was already accepted in upstream code, but FbDev code is still pending of approval. In the future, plan is to add support for other graphic systems like accelerated Linux DRM/KMS, X11, Windows GDI, or OSX Metal.

This project was later sponsored by Ventrata to add support for double-buffering, VSync and 24bits color mode.


As a WebRTC pioneer since 2012 with ShareIt!, I've been contributing to other projects, specially using node-webrtc as a building block for Node.js applications, where I've worked to improve the APIs compatibility with browsers in addition to maintenance tasks.

Other contributions