Manifest of a perfectionist

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I’m a bit obsesive with code and architecture quality, and having them done like they could be put down on a textbook, or at least about they being used by others as reference of how things can be done right. I’ve always feel a bit frustrated that newcomers get and perpetuate bad habits, just because they learned them that way on the first place by thinking that was the way to do the things… Later, if things are working, people don’t give a sh*t on thinking about if there’s a better way to do it, both to improve their work quality or processes, or for learning and improve themselves, they just move on… So it’s better to do things right from the beginning, since later they are more difficult to fix, or simply you forget to do it. And at the end, just by doing things right on a first aproach, you get used to it and does them that way by default :-)

Written on December 7, 2021

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